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From Fancy Dress Worldwide to Boulevard...

Founded in 2016 by young entrepreneur Dom Portman, Fancy Dress Worldwide became one of the largest and most successful online retailers of costumes and partywares within just a few years, winning's exporter of the year award and being named in the StartUps 100 in 2019.

In 2020, the company began its diversification into multiple product categories with a renewed focus on trading across online marketplaces worldwide. As a result of the successful launch of new products across Arts & Crafts, Stationery, Pets, Toys & Games and more product categories, the company began the exciting re-branding process, helped by Big Helping, a leading design agency. The goal was to encapsulate the energy of a wide street, hustling and bustling with many colourful products of all shapes and sizes, but with a digital feel. As Boulevard, the company now have a core goal of continuing to grow as a marketplace super seller, offering the widest, best and most exciting range of product lines across multiple categories. Boulevard continues to trade across all the costumes and partywares lines that the company did under Fancy Dress Worldwide and takes the groundwork of the previous brand, applying it to multiple categories.

Boulevard operate from two distribution centres within the UK, as well as a separate head office in Worcester. To view Boulevard's full product range, please see our Amazon store here.

Read more in founder Dom Portman's interview with NatWest here.

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